Thrilling rafting tours in GD

BY :Annie Lee

UPDATED :June 17, 2019


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Thrilling rafting tours in GD 广东去哪里漂流?来这儿清凉一夏





Qingyuan city, located in the northern sector of Guangdong province, has abundant rainfalls and rivers, making it a great place to enjoy rafting. If you are in Guandong over the next few months, don't miss a fantastic adventure by riding the white water through winding gorges to escape from the scorching summer days.

Huangteng Gorge 黄腾峡




Officially designated as an arena for major rafting events, Huangteng Gorge Ecological Tour Area has hosted many national and international rafting competitions. The watercourse of Huangteng Gorge is divided into two different sections. The two-kilometer section mainly allows participants to enjoy awe-inspiring scenery lining both sides during the 70-minute journey. The 2.8-kilometer watercourse lets people experience deep ravines during the 100-minute journey. The area also provides visitors with cable cars, water parks, military operation clubs and other facilities.



Ticket: 198-358 yuan/person

Location: Shiban village, Dongcheng Jie, Qingcheng district, Qingyuan city (清远市清城区东城街石板村)

Niuyuzui Scenic Spot 牛鱼嘴风景区



The glass course for rafting in the Niuyuzui Scenic Spot is open all year round. Starting half way up the Damao Mountain, the glass course is 1,780 meters long, with its largest drop being 38 meters. Many interesting recreational facilities are available at the foot of Damao Mountain, such as a zip line, an archery hall, and a slope for grass skiing. The scenic spot boasts beautiful and primitive ecological landscapes. Budding biologists looking to see the gorgeous diversity of plants shouldn't miss a chance to visit the spot.




Ticket: 138 yuan/person

Location: Damao Mountain, Qingcheng district, Qingyuan city (清远市清城区大帽山)

Shenfengguan 神峰关




This is a spot for unique cave rafting in Guangdong province, with a waterway of about 4.8 kilometers, and a total fall of more than 100 meters. Floating down the fun-filled rapids, visitors will be amazed by the towering limestone cliffs that create a magical backdrop for the adventure.



Ticket: 78 yuan/person

Location: Panshui village, Yangshan county, Qingyuan city (清远市阳山县畔水村)


Gulong Gorge 古龙峡



Traveling down the Gulong Gorge is hailed as the "roller coaster of rafting." It is the most exciting rafting in Guangdong province. Natural waterfall clusters and karst cave mountain springs in the area provide plenty of water for rafting. The watercourse is 6,063 meters long, with a total drop of 378 meters. The fastest current speed is 72 kilometers per hour. At present, this gorge offers the longest speedway with the highest drop and the fastest current speed for rafting in the province.



Ticket: 158 yuan/person

Location: Sankengtan village, Qingxin district, Qingyuan city (清远市清新区三坑滩村)