Where to have your afternoon tea in Guangzhou: a guide

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UPDATED :August 5, 2017


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The tradition of British afternoon tea began with Catherine of Braganza, a Portuguese princess who married King Charles II in 1662. Dubbed the “tea-drinking queen,” she was credited with introducing the custom of drinking tea to the British nobility. Her dowry included delicate tea utensils from China and 221 pounds of red tea, which was as precious as silver at the time. Taking the new queen as their role model, the aristocrats quickly followed suit and drinking tea became a popular trend and a symbol of one’s high class.   

Afternoon tea
It’s already the weekend in a blink of an eye. British afternoon tea is indispensable for a joyous weekend, when you gather with your bosom friends. A cup of refreshing tea with Instagram-able cakes will immediately cheer you up. “When the clock strikes four, everything in the world makes way for tea.” Here is a list of 10 Guangzhou hotels and restaurants that offer unique afternoon tea.
The Atrium lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel
 Guests are literally in the clouds, enjoying the best views of the Pearl River.
It’s a top luxury to have your afternoon tea at the Four Seasons, where you can enjoy bird’s-eye views of the Pearl River and taste the freshly-prepared sandwiches, Western desserts and snacks. The menu, designed by pastry chef Jean-Luc Vasseur from France, will be switched every three months.  

Afternoon tea of the Four Season Hotel
2. The Pearl Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton
Guests can enjoy an intimate afternoon tea with friends accompanied by soothing live music.
The rich furnishings at the Ritz-Carlton are reminiscent of a splendid 18th century European palace, with its Turkish gemstone floor covered by hand-made carpets and crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Tucked into a corner of the Rococo-style lobby, the Pearl Lounge is a nice place to chat with friends over a cup of hot tea and bite into luscious cakes accompanied by elegant piano music.
Their scones are superb: Chocolate brownie batter mixed with seasonal raspberries; the scones are cut into small pieces, on top of which nuts mixed with syrup were added, before the pastry is finally baked. With a rich texture, the scones are sumptuous in taste while having a crisp bite.

Afternoon tea of the Ritz-Carlton
3.The Taikoo Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental 
Guests can taste the best chocolate desserts in the privacy of the lounge.
Unlike in other hotels where you have your tea in an open lobby, the Taikoo Lounge provides privacy similar to the living room of your home. Hidden behind the bakery, the lounge is a nice quiet place to savor the delicate desserts.
Chocolate desserts are must-haves here. With Valrhona chocolates, a French brand, as the ingredients, the desserts are graded at four levels by their sweetness, corresponding with cocoa percentages from 64 to 85.   

Afternoon tea of the Mandarin Oriental
4. LUTECE, a French Revolving Restaurant 
It’s afternoon tea-time at the Canton Tower.
On the 105th floor of the Tower, with an unbeatable view, the French restaurant offers choice sandwiches, muffins, raspberry bavarois, chocolate mousse, crispy puff cake and many other desserts. Diners can get a free tour to the Cloud Observation Deck and the Star Observation Deck on 107th and 108th floor as well as the Science and Technology Marvel Tour Hall on 109th and 110th floors. Isn’t that nice? You will never forget what you’ve seen and tasted at this slowly revolving restaurant.

Afternoon tea of LUTECE
5. The Living Room at the Park Hyatt 
Guests can enjoy Guangzhou’s cityscape looking out of the French windows.
Outside is the bustling cityscape, and inside the spacious Living Room, you can take a quiet sip of coffee or tea and even complete a few tasks on your laptop. Work can be efficient and fun.
The afternoon tea here is delicate and delicious. Served on a piece of five-tier silverware, the light dishes, some salty and some sweet, are amazing. You get a scone, split it in half and take a bite with a slab of their house-made jam or butter. There you have a mouthful of joy.

Afternoon tea of the Park Hyatt
6. Dongfang Hotel 
A good choice for family gatherings, the hotel provides an assortment of light Chinese and Western dishes.
The afternoon tea at this hotel offers Western desserts like creamy waffles and pancakes as well as yummy Chinese snacks. While you are often around friends, don’t forget to take your family out for afternoon tea. 
7. The Lobby Lounge at LN Garden Hotel 
A leisurely afternoon here is just wonderful.
Set in garden surroundings on a raised platform in the lobby, the lounge provides a splendid view of a man-made waterfall on top of delicate desserts.
For afternoon tea, guests can try their famous Cantonese-style desserts. Baguette with tuna stuffing, shrimp and mango salsa, egg yolk mousse sandwich, mango pudding, and matcha mousse cake – the Western desserts modified to cater to local tastes will bring you a wonderful afternoon.

Afternoon tea of the Garden Hotel
8. The Lobby Lounge at the Sheraton 
This hotel provides a cost-efficient choice for gathering with friends and meeting business partners.
Every penny is well spent at the lobby lounge of this five-star hotel. With nice décor, it is fit for business meetings, where guests can spend according to their budget and choose from packages on the menu. Fruits are fresh and desserts are delicate. A must-have is their apple cake; its light green color is accompanied by a delightfully refreshing taste. Fruit fans can also try their French fruit cake.
9. Clouds lobby lounge at the Hilton (Baiyun)
This is a uniquely tasteful place for ladies to have afternoon tea.
The tranquil lounge is so popular among locals that you have to reserve seats in advance. The creations here are unique, picturesque, delicate and delicious, including eight different desserts featuring blueberries as the main ingredient. The lounge best suits art-loving ladies.

Afternoon tea of the Hilton (Baiyun)
10. Woo Bar at the W Guangzhou
In line with W Guangzhou, Woo Bar’s cosmopolitan décor and posh design makes it popular among fashionistas and art lovers.
Desserts are organized into four different categories at the bar, after the themes “funky,” “pastoral,” “sugary” and “yellow corner”. A mix-and-match take on classic recipes brings pleasant surprises – even the standard European pastry may have a unique Chinese filling. The mini pork pumpkin pie, for example, has the typical Cantonese marinated pork and mashed pumpkin for its stuffing. It gives a yummy salty sweet taste.     

Afternoon tea of the W Guangzhou

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