GD updates restriction for HK arrivals from March

BY :Becky, Louis Berney

UPDATED :February 26, 2021


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A poster reminding people not to gather is seen in Hong Kong, China, April 12, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

Guangdong will have new requirements for nucleic acid test report produced by travelers entering the province from Hong Kong, beginning March 1, according to Shenzhen's Office of Port of Entry and Exit.

Under the new rule, a nucleic acid test must be conducted through nasopharyngeal swab sampling or nasal and throat swab-combined sampling. Such sampling methods should be clearly indicated on the test report; otherwise the report will be deemed invalid. Children aged below six should be sampled via throat swabs.

The office also updated the arrangements of isolation venues for travelers entering the Chinese mainland via Shenzhen Bay checkpoint on February 23. Travelers bound for Huizhou and Shanwei cities will be transported to their destination city for a centralized quarantine, while those bound for Shenzhen and other 18 cities within Guangdong will undergo a medical observation in designated hotels in Shenzhen or Dongguan.