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David's Asiad: The Steps at the Top of the Tower
David's Asiad: The Steps at the Top of the Tower


The only thing on my mind was to get as high up as possible, and being with the designer obviously helps. I felt as if I was looking at a map of the whole city while simultaneously being in it - a strange sensation.
David's Asiad: A Show Hard to Decipher
David's Asiad: A Show Hard to Decipher

Admittedly, we learned of the importance of the Pearl River and that the Kapok flower is Guangzhou's flower (maybe the most impressive and beautiful part of the show itself), yet all these were only distant symbols of what Guangzhou really is.
David's Asiad: Beyond Guangzhou's Big Day
David's Asiad: Beyond Guangzhou's Big Day

But today, as the 16th Asian Games open, my eyes are on November 27th, and on the new city that will emerge. After all, when the dignitaries fly home and the officials return to their offices, the city is ours to enjoy.
Where is the Ronghua Restaurant?

In the article on the Yunfeng Cantonese Opera troupe, you mention the Ronghua Lou Restaurant. I am a visitor to Guangzhou and cannot find the location of this restaurant.
China Hakka Museum

May you can help me to find the address of the China Hakka Museum in Meizhou. I am especially interested in Hakka art skulpture (showing aninimals).
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