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Police Bust Prostitution Gang that Forced Women into 'Training Courses'

Updated:1288751708Source:Global Times

A group of about 20 con artists, thugs and pimps allegedly forced nearly 100 women to train as prostitutes last year before sending them to over 10 bathhouses, karaoke bars and foot massage parlors to work.
Census Will Map China's Great Migration to Cities

Updated:1288751651Source:Shanghai Daily

China kicked off a once-a-decade census yesterday, a whirlwind 10-day head count that sees 6 million census-takers scrutinize apartment blocks.
Parents of Gays Raise Awareness with Beijing Meet

Updated:1288751586Source:Global Times

"His being gay doesn't make him less my son," said Sarah, an American mother speaking at the third meeting of the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) China in Beijing last weekend. "God made him. It's natural."
China Launches 6th "Beidou" Navigation Satellite


China early Monday morning successfully launched its sixth orbiter which will form part of its indigenous satellite-navigation and -positioning network.
GRE Test Takers Consider Suing ETS

Chinese test takers are considering a class action lawsuit against U.S.-based Educational Testing Service (ETS) following its recent decision to cancel their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) results, "Beijing Morning Post" reports.
Pride, Joy and a Little Sadness as Shanghai Bids Farewell to Expo
Pride, Joy and a Little Sadness as Shanghai Bids Farewell to Expo

Updated:1288751096Source:Shanghai Daily

At midnight, hundreds of flags of participant countries and international organizations were lowered at the Shanghai World Expo site, bringing the record-breaking event to a close.
10-day Census Count Kicks Off
10-day Census Count Kicks Off

Updated:1288750908Source:Global Times

More than 6.5 million people will be going door to door starting Monday to count the number of people in China, a task that is expected to pose challenges for census takers who are likely to find people reluctant to open their doors.
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