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China Announces Success of Chang'e-2 Lunar Probe Mission
China Announces Success of Chang'e-2 Lunar Probe Mission


Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Monday unveiled pictures of the moon's Sinus Iridum, or Bay of Rainbows, marking the success of China's Chang'e-2 lunar probe mission.
New Drug to Tackle Superbug

Updated:1289269549Source:Shanghai Daily

Chinese scientists have completed research and development for a new antibiotic which they hope will tackle a superbug that has recently appeared in China.
Provocative Words
Provocative Words

Updated:1289193890Source:Global Times

Journalism organizations plan to observe the achievements of enterprising reporters on Journalists' Day, but some enterprising newspaper reporters and TV professionals will not be celebrating because their stories have attracted nothing but trouble.
Chinese Astronauts Could Land on Moon by 2025

Updated:1289183709Source:Shanghai Daily

China will be able to land two to three astronauts on the moon by 2025, with the South Pole the most likely landing site, authorities of the Chinese lunar exploration program said.
Farmer Motorcycles across World for Peace


A Chinese farmer who is taking an around-the-world motorbike tour with his teenage daughter says he is doing it for the sake of promoting peace.
Economy Growth May Slow to 7%


Chinese economic growth may slow to about 7 percent per annum in the next three to five years from 10 percent now, Liu Shijin, deputy director of the State Council's Development Research Center, a government think tank, told a forum on Saturday.
China to Adopt New Identification Standards for Yuan Notes


China is preparing to adopt a new standard using more advanced technologies for the identification of its currency, the yuan, beginning in May 2011, officials said Monday.
Beijing to Hold Stamp, Coin Expo


The four-day event will serve as a platform for collectors from home and broad to display their stamp and coin collections and seek business opportunities, said Jing Jun, deputy general manager of China Gold Coin Inc. (CGCI).
SOE Bosses Warned to Stay Clean

Updated:1288751922Source:Global Times

The body that oversees major State-owned enterprises (SOE) recently convened a meeting of the central SOEs' senior leaders to stress the importance of clean governance.
N.China Plant to Produce Coal Mine Rescue Robots


A factory in north China is set to start producing coal mine rescue robots designed to enter hazardous environments to collect data during mining accidents, company sources said Monday.
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